YOGA Weight Loss Challenge Workout #4 – 20 Minute Fat Burning Yoga Meltdown Beginner & Intermediate

Exclusive Content @ YOGA Weight Loss Challenge Workout #4 – 20 Minute Fat Burning Yoga Meltdown Beginner & Intermediate In this free yoga workout video…

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52 Responses to YOGA Weight Loss Challenge Workout #4 – 20 Minute Fat Burning Yoga Meltdown Beginner & Intermediate

  1. Zahrlavi says:

    Another incompetent cameraman, we need genuine close-ups of Jen Hilman’s

  2. Shox1k says:

    fap time)

  3. Charlie Wallace says:

    I’m kinda neutral, when it comes to tattoos. It’s your body, so you can do
    what you want to it. There’s no need to hide your tattoos. A beautiful
    woman is beautiful whether she has tattoos or not. And you, Jen, are a
    beautiful woman. With beautiful tattoos. ;-)

  4. Frank Henry says:

    You asshats are over her e arguing over tattoos. Seriously!?

  5. Mario Hartson says:

    Great routine. It really helped with my sore hamstrings. Awesome tattoo by
    the way. 

  6. basicbitchesx says:

    This isn’t a porn channel you fucking pedos.
    Btw jen can you do a live chat video thing please?!!!

  7. Oscar Montes says:

    I love her pretty face n that round bubble white booty….lusting4her :(

  8. Eric akafathual says:

    I think tattoos are awesome but we should remember they used to be
    spiritual and not for the cool factor to which everyone gets one now and
    days. I would like to get one but I would have to have a purpose for
    getting one.

  9. 1983JuanCarlos says:

    I’m in love with Jen. Can’t really focused 100% on what she is saying cause
    I can’t keep admiring her beauty. About the tattoos I think they are cool
    as long as she doesn’t get them all her body, she’ll keep looking great!

  10. 2JOHNNYT says:

    I say don’t scar the Temple any further!
    Your being-ness RADIATES from the inside out – so does it matter how you
    decorate the outside?
    Besides, in this world of impermanence, why leave your temple permanently
    scarred with the old you’s of yesterday?

  11. tdreamgmail says:

    3:58 :o

  12. chornahalk says:

    Jen u need a tramp stamp for when guys sink the dink in your beautiful,
    tight stinkhole! 

  13. Moe Bius says:

    Well, Jen, I don’t care for tattoos, but I support your right to adorn your
    own body in any manner which pleases you.

  14. Flaming Autumn says:

    2:53 Did Corrina fall asleep? Hahaha! :P

  15. Martynjs says:

    Do what you want Jen. If you want tattoos then get them. No one else’s

  16. Sticky Fingers says:

    Not a big fan of tattoo’s.

  17. Mrgazza55555 says:

    You look great in those leggings!

  18. Dragon King God Gootu says:

    she’s a katie perry clone

  19. usafu1 says:

    Do you also suck dick or you a sandwich person? 

  20. KimmyCassy says:

    Love simple, small tattoos with a lot of meaning

  21. Isdeos says:

    And now, I have see a porn movie.

  22. GloriaR says:

    More tattoos love them!

  23. Jerry Moen says:

    awesome video!! 

  24. Jamie Pankratz says:

    Finally!! <3 Yayyyy!!!! 

  25. Kim Brian says:

    Thank you…=)

  26. Brandon Carter says:

    I eat vagina. I’m seeing hella gainz! 

  27. Brendan Meyers says:

    FINALLY! Here is a DIET video for all of you (: It is a lot of information,
    but be sure to write everything down! Just finished my last few classes for
    my Exercise Physiology degree and now it is time to MOVE TO CALIFORNIA and
    change MORE lives… Stay tuned for it all!!!! LOVE YOU GUYS

  28. Tyler Dixon says:

    it would be fairly easy to go over 10% protein on say a 6000cal bulk
    wouldn’t it?
    Im nite discouraging just wondering how positive nitrogen balance would be
    maintained with such low intake.

  29. 黒竜崎 says:

    Went to gym with my friend yesterday and ate a cup of Haagen Dazs ice cream
    afterwards lol
    All my workout wasted >.<

  30. TSU Flashh says:

    200k subscribers for Christmas!!! That would be such a great milestone!
    Keep up your good work man! 😉 I’m hyped for 2015!!!

  31. Jan Debeljak says:

    Good video Brandon, but you shook me with the 10% protein, how much grams
    do you eat daily?

  32. Andrehalo2408 says:

    If I have 15 years old I don’t have to worry much about the diet or should

  33. Mathmusic Denmark says:

    10% protein :O Never heard before!
    I personally think it is very low.
    So if iam going for at 3000 calorie diet, then i only need to eat 75 gram
    of protein?!

  34. Ab Gupta says:

    Poor video. Flimsy facts and vague directives. Watch Mike Changs videos for
    diet. Way better. Way more info and clearer plans. 

  35. Lightman 3D says:

    Good video mate 🙂 what about a video on testosterone?

  36. terrorbladetai says:

    FINALLY! Thanks brendan 😀 u dont make the videos i want but u make the
    videos i NEED! Really appreciate the things u do :)

  37. Victor Vidal says:

    Brendan do you think 15 year old teens must do the diet too ?

  38. J F says:

    Nice vlog Brandon I gonna try the split. Thank you for sharing

  39. charles mayombo says:

    Could you do more chest workouts coz u have so many abs workouts 

  40. Federico Basso says:

    Really good advices, but, please: STOP SWINGING FOR FUCK’S SAKE! lol

  41. Truong Nguyen says:

    You can write! my Listen to the level of my poor english !!! Thanks ^_^

  42. ShinyRedPanda says:

    Microwaveable and frozen things may contain GMOs so avoid them. Wat?

  43. mr C says:

    What do you think of the blood group food intake? I use it with clients &
    works perfectly for fat loss & muscle gain . 

  44. Alcablast says:

    Thx for this video 😀
    It’s Amazing !

  45. Victor Gomez says:

    Thank you brendan, greetings from México (y)

  46. LackXIII says:

    Thank you for this kind sir

  47. Jamie Bumanlag says:

    Brendan you’re so HOT!

  48. Ibrahim 3 M says:

    Hahha NO KFC .

    When was your first muscle up ?

  49. Hrishi Baney says:

    Thank you soo much Brendan

  50. Simon Persson says:

    for god sake you don’t need a complete protein every meal. By combining
    several incomplete sources you get all the amino acids at the end of the

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