Weight Loss to stay Healthy

Weight loss takes two forms, intentional and unintentional. Unintentional weight loss usually occurs in diseases underlying in your body, like diabetes, for instance. Meanwhile, intentional weight loss is the more popular form, which happens when you need to get rid of the excess fats in your body. Losing weight can be achieved in many forms, such as going through diets and going to the gyms regularly. You will not be able to lose weight with just random dieting and exercising. You need to religiously do both things to achieve the desired result you need.

Diets that are known to be effective and popular among celebrities are liquid diet and low-calorie diet, to name a few. What is important is you know that the right food you take helps you lose weight and gives you the right nutrition needed for your body. You can either do your own research for an effective weight loss diet or hire a personal dietitian to help you monitor your diet.


In addition, therapeutic weight loss is a form of losing weight while decreasing the likely chance of developing diseases such as diabetes, heart ailments, high blood pressure, and other types of cancers. However, there is also an easier but more expensive way of losing that flabby abs of yours. You might choose to like tummy tuck, a form of plastic surgery which removes unwanted skin and fats in your abdominal area. This can also help you regain your former body that is either disfigured by pregnancy or obesity; but before you undergo your surgery, you must make sure the surgeon has proven years of training and expertise in plastic surgery.


Weight loss can also be achieved by constantly visiting the fitness centres. There are a lot of weight loss exercises and toning exercises that you can utilize in the gyms, such as Swiss ball exercises or gym ball exercises, which help work out the major muscles in your body. They help you tone your abs and ease the pain in your lower back. They also improve your flexibility and strength. They are also great for warming up activities and stretching before you proceed to a more serious form of weight loss exercise. Another form of toning the abs and reduce those flabby abs is through sit-ups and aerobics.


You can find the list of gyms near you through Services Ireland Directory or SID, an online directory that provides the Irish businesses and customers the services they need. You can search in their web portal by typing keywords in their search box such as gyms Dublin, if you want to find gyms in Dublin. You might find gyms like Arena Leisure in Tallaght and Herbeton Leisure. Arena Leisure offers one-on-one programmes, personal training, fitness assessments, and sports nutritional supplements for your weight loss needs. They also have a fully-equipped gym and two exercise class studios that will let you enjoy your exercise experience. They also offer aqua aerobics. Herbeton Leisure, on the other hand, also has a fully-equipped gym with cardiovascular and resistance equipment, free weights area, spin studio, and aerobics.

Victoria Secret Model Weight Loss Secrets Revealed!

Drug taking, purging, colonics, fasting, calorie restriction go hand in hand with the modelling industry. Let’s talk more about Victoria Secret Models and how most of them get skinny. ☆…
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27 Responses to Weight Loss to stay Healthy

  1. Freelee the Banana Girl says:

    Just one example is Adriana Lima’s intense exercise, dehydrating high
    protein preparation for a show:
    “For nine days before the show, she will drink only protein shakes – “no
    solids”. The concoctions include powdered egg. Two days before the show,
    she will abstain from the daily gallon of water, and “just drink normally”.
    Then, 12 hours before the show, she will stop drinking entirely.“No liquids
    at all so you dry out, sometimes you can lose up to eight pounds just from
    that,” she says.“It’s like they’re training for a marathon,” says Sophia
    Neophitou, the British fashion editor who is chief stylist for this year’s

  2. Mia a says:

    I highly doubt VS models are on drugs. These women look healthy, their skin
    alone says “healthy”. I just think they are blessed with “skinny” genes.
    They maintain it with eating healthy & exercising.
    I disagree that with you that some people are not “blessed” with skinny
    genes. I have friends & family who can eat til the cows come home & they
    just don’t gain weight. Wether they’re “healthy” it’s a different story.
    But if we’re talking skinny, yes they are!
    We’re not all the same… I think it’s time for you to accept that also….
    Different strokes for different folks… Stop bashing people & the
    lifestyle they choose to live… 

  3. Vegan Jessy says:

    +Freelee the Banana Girl hey sweet great video !! Can you help me out? The
    more fruits i consume the worse my acne becomes… any suggestions here?

  4. An Cailin Torthaí says:

    Freelee! Are you a size 4 US or size 4 UK/AUS? It you’re a size four US
    that is such encouragement on my weight loss journey, I’m a size 6 ATM, but
    its fast decreasing to a size 4! :)

  5. Jade Alice says:

    I had a 10 banana smoothie today and now I’m getting horrible stomach pain.
    Has this ever happened to someone else? 

  6. Kenny Fitzpatrick says:

    all diets are the same. what you do is eat bacon and eggs for breakfast..
    and you take protein powder.. and you get your fish oil capsules. you don’t
    do any cardio.. cuz cardio makes ya fat. and if ya run marathons, ya get
    fat.. cuz i dunno how it works, but that’s what i read and it sounds like
    pretty good broscience to me.

  7. Ivana Vasileva says:

    Thank you for making all these videos, Freelee! I want to be RT4 vegan or
    at least vegan, but I guess it won’t happen with me for the next two years,
    because my parents are against it… Well, at least they let me stop eating
    meat, so… that is something 😀 Anyways, have a very nice day :)

  8. farah lamine says:

    I’ve been watching your videos for awhile now And I’d looooove to try your
    diet,but there’s a problem,this is gonna sound stupid But I really don’t
    Understand the concept of this diet.I have some difficulties understanding
    what to eat and what not to eat.I know this is a vegan diet,But I mean
    could you give me some examples on what I could eat in the morning,then for
    lunch and dinner?My father wants to try this diet aswell,but he wants to
    loose weight,Is this the right diet?

  9. vanillahugz says:

    I kinda want you to muscle train a bit to show how amazing you can look
    when you are going for that kind of look as well. I see people making
    comments how skinny you are blah blah and although you are gorgeous i would
    love you to shut them up by looking healthy, fit, more muscle tone..again
    you don’t need to as you look amazing but people are fixated on a toned
    more muscle look i noticed, maybe this would bring more people into this

  10. Katie Corley says:

    Yeah if you watch the videos of the models talking about their diets or
    look at the food they post on Instagram, they are restricting calories,
    eating meat, and them working out intensely. It doesn’t look like fun the
    way they put their bodies through that! 

  11. Michele Micha says:

    Hey Freelee you said you are a size 4 and its is hard to believe that ,
    from what I can see you look like you are a 0 ..Kim Zolsiack
    Beirmann claims to be a size 4 and your way slimmer than her..also how tall
    are you and how much do you weigh ..You Look so Perfect in every way and I
    Inspire to be just like you ..Love you Girly xoxo

  12. Pam Ramírez says:


  13. TANNYRAW says:

    i used to starve myself as a teenager , sad really , i was always dizzy and
    cranky on laxative and 800 calories a day , well that backfired for sure,
    there is a better way for sure !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Ultramarathon Power says:

    I eat primal diet and I’m fucking proud man, I’m proud to be a fucking
    paleo primal redneck who eats bacon and eggs for breakfast. Cause I’m a
    redneck, was born a redneck and always gonna be a redneck, so any diet that
    conflicts with that is not gonna be healthy for my redneck mentality. You
    understand me freelee? So back off, step off please, step off. YOU GOT

  15. rollerpig says:

    i can’t believe you’re a size 4 and vs models are supposed to be size 0!
    you’re aleady slim as fuck. love your new top :)

  16. holly smith says:

    Also just cause you don’t have skinny genes doesn’t mean others don’t.
    There are people who eat what they want and stay slim. 

  17. BeFantasy says:

    I have a question! Will I see the results on RT4 while taking hormonal
    pills? I have a PCOS and thyroid problems, I’m taking pills and as I’m now
    abroad so without my doctor etc. but I want to start RT4 diet, should I
    quit pills or can I take them at least while I’m away from home? Will the
    RT4 heal me when I’m taking them?

  18. jhiz Cole says:

    You are a size 0 , in the US!!!! ( I’m not yelling, just raising my voice

  19. sivanel97 says:

    hey there, I’ve been a vegan for a year now , I considered becoming a raw
    till’ 4, but it seems too difficult because I live with my parents and i
    spend a lot of money on food because I am a vegan and where i live it is
    not so cheap, so I was afraid it would be too much money spending.. Also I
    am a senior in high school, so I have so little time to workout and i am
    afraid that if I’ll eat so many calories and workout so little , I’ll gain
    weight .. . Love you and your channel !! i would be so grateful if you
    could help me:)

  20. Ultramarathon Power says:

    If you keep giving this shit, I will come looking for ya and I’m gonna
    squash you like an apple mate ok? I don’t want anymore shit from you! YES,
    I’ve read the china study and its all wrong, cause I went on someone’s blog
    you know I mean, i’ve read that china study is wrong, I’ve been on
    someone’s blog

  21. Freelee the Banana Girl says:

    Drug taking, purging, colonics, fasting, calorie restriction go hand in
    hand with the modelling industry. Have realistic goals and don’t base your
    self worth on some photoshopped photo. Stick to this healthy lifestyle long
    term and you will reap the rewards!
    P.S- Animal products have NO fibre I was meant to say.

  22. WeCameAsLameKids says:

    Actually I’m pretty sure a lot of the Victoria’s Secret models are pretty
    healthy. I’ve watched a few of the Victoria’s Secret runway fashion shows
    and they usually ask the models about their workout and diet. A lot of them
    had their own personal trainer and ate super healthy. I definitely agree
    that there are a lot of models in the industry that starve themselves or do
    drugs to keep themselves skinny etc. but I think using Victoria’s Secret
    models may have not been the best example.

  23. Cat Lover says:

    Freelee, Trisha and Shane talked about you again in a vlog.. They don’t
    thank you can really eat 30 bananas! Near the end of the vlog. Weirdest
    Vlog Ever

  24. Lisa Ban says:

    All the vs models eat very well and anyone who says they aren’t fit have
    not seen Adriana Lima or Candice 

  25. Exie says:

    Have you ever considered writing an e-book or writing on other sites? I have a blog centered on the same information you discuss and would love to have you share some stories/information. I know my readers would value your work. If you are even remotely interested, feel free to shoot me an email.

  26. Losing 10 pounds is significant as well as a great motivator
    to losing more weight. Lunch: Salad, boiled chicken,
    brown rice, grilled vegetables, tofu. For better results, keep your daily intake of carbohydrates will not exceed 20 grams.

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