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Resolved: Practice good wellness
Wellness is not only the absence of illness but also the sense of total physical, mental and spiritual well-being. It is a proactive, preventive process designed to achieve optimum levels of health, social and emotional functioning. It is the …
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Verdant Health Commission to host open house at new community wellness
The Verdant Community Wellness Center, will offer classes, support groups, trainings and more for free or low-cost to the public as well as serve as the main office for Verdant staff. A wide range of programs and classes are already scheduled …
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The Wellness Retreats

India and the Himalayas have always been associated with wellness and peace of mind. It is not a new phenomenon that people flock to the Himalayas for well being and seeking peace and rejuvenation from the daily humdrum of life. These retreats, which are a fairly newer trend have thus cashed in on this need. Don’t misread this to mean that these are all just money minting set ups. On the contrary these wellness resorts often tend to cost a little extra because they really invest in an all organic setup, often growing their own supply of herbs and vegetables, completely depending on eco friendly products and maintenance and thus being a little heavy on the pockets.

They also offer a multitude of nutrition and wellness programmes to suit every individual need. From yoga sessions, to massage therapy to diet control, they create a wholesome programme suited to the individuals need. Often, a person goes away from them, only to return next year. Most wellness resorts have a steady flow of return customers. The beauty of these retreats lies in the fact that these retreats meet the need of an exclusive way of living.

In India, many people flock to Himalayas to attend wellness programs. What can be better than a relaxing, peaceful and serene ambience in the heart of pristine nature? One of the renowned and effective nutrition and wellness programs run in the Himalayas is in the Windamere Hotel, Darjeeling. It’s a retreat where activities like yoga, core strength and balancing, short hikes and excursions and learning sessions about your body and its ever-changing nutrition requirements are a part of its programmes. It is also a wonderful peek into the life and wellbeing in Himalayas.  

Another wellness retreat that runs equally wonderful programmes in the path of peace and well being in the Himalayas is the ‘Satvik Sadan” located in the tranquil Himalayan foothills, enroute to Nainital in a place called Bhimtal. Satvik meaning purity concentrates on cleansing the soul thorugh yoga, meditation and many other packages specific to your need. Overlooking the serene lake which gives Bhimtal, the nearest town its name, it is a nature’s paradise as you soak in the stillness. Mudthatched cottages and terrace farming for organic healthy food as well as flower patches to grow their own aroma therapy oils speckle this resort. Built on part of the legendary ashram of Chyawan Rishi (who is known for his  Ayurvedic jelly “Chywanprash”), the Retreat has  a panoramic view of the mountains of Karkotak in the North, the ancient Gargi River in the south, and mount Haidakhand Kailash in  the east.

Whichever wellness retreat it is- the bottom line is that these retreats have become the new age resorts of finding internal peace and happiness without having to compromise completely on the modern lifestyle that we are so accustomed to.

Ackley Cooper Shaw is an avid Himalayas  traveler and loves to relax amidst the nature. In this write-up he tells us about wellness retreats.

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Your Wellness Concept in 2015


Wellness Programme:

In between getting up from the bed and returning to bed at night, each of us performs different types of actions to earn and maintain our livelihood. In a quest to achieve all the happiness of life, we tend to ignore basic needs of our body and work beyond our strength. Changed lifestyle, excess of working hours, job stress, irregular food habits etc add to our worries making us prone to physical and mental illness. Though a change in working hours and work pressure is hardly possible, to avoid being ill change in our food habits and also maintaining a lifestyle that will suit our own health will do wonders in keeping us fit and energetic and will also increase our immunity against disease.

Here are some guidelines to be followed daily by all individuals as a part of wellness regimen:

During morning period:

Get up early at least one hour before sunrise. Feeling of freshness and energetic after awakening is a good indicator of adequate sleep. Try and make it a habit of getting early to bed in night and getting up early in the morning.
Go to toilet immediately after getting up in morning. Habit of clearing bowels daily early morning is very useful for maintaining health and every person should aim the same. Avoid suppression of natural urges of urine, stools etc. Also avoid straining at stools.
Brush your teeth with herbal stick bitter and astringent in taste like neem etc. It would help in cleansing mouth and also improve mouth taste. Instead of using commercially available toothpaste, which is sweet in taste, herbal powder or stick could be used for more effective mouth cleansing and will also improve dental care. Wash the mouth thoroughly with water after brushing the teeth and drink a glass of water preferably kept in a clean copper vessel. Also brushing the teeth and washing mouth after meals is important.
Also scrap the tongue with a tongue cleaner after washing the mouth.
Person suffering from vomiting, asthma, cardiac disease, facial paralysis etc should not use herbal stick bitter in taste.
Then, sleeping on a bed with a head-low position put 4-5 drops of “ANU OIL” in both nostrils and inhale deeply. These medicated nasal drops are helpful in the increasing immune power of upper respiratory tract. It provides nourishment to vital organs of head, increasing power of vision, give strength to hair roots and hair follicles and also improve quality of voice. For daily use, use of medicated ghee is also useful and physician’s advice is recommendable.
After nasal drops, use of gargling and herbal smoke is beneficial as mucous may be secreted in excess quantity due to stimulant action of nasal drops. Use of lukewarm water is useful for gargling.
Mouthful of sesame oil carried out for 2-5 min daily will help to improve dental care and will provide strength to gums and teeth.
Massage: Full body oil massage is must to reduce daily wear and tear of body. With lack of leisure time available, at least oil should be applied daily over head, ears and feet to nourish them.
After oil massage, light physical exercise, yoga etc should be done depending on individual capacity. Regular exercise is must for healthy life. Strenuous exercise should be avoided. After exercise, deep massages over body help in relaxation.
Then dry herbal powder like that of triphala, sandalwood etc should be applied all over the body before bath.
Bath: As per climatic conditions hot or cold water could be used for bath. Avoid pouring hot water over head and use of soap is not recommended as it contains chemicals and increase dryness of skin.
Always use fresh and clean clothes suitable to climatic conditions.
Students should make use of early morning period for their studies as concentration power is high and study could be easily remembered.
Light breakfast, with cup of tea or coffee or a glass of milk or some fruits is advisable before going to work as per individual liking.

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