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Stubborn Belly Fat

Fighting belly fat is one of the toughest battles you’ll wage. This can partly be laid to your genetic makeup. Our ancestors needed the excess belly fat to keep them warm in Winter and alive during famine. As a result, you may have been blessed/cursed with the same bodily blueprints, only in today’s modern world, you don’t need that particular feature.


But genetics only partly to blame for your belly fat. Other areas of your life are involved as well, and you will need to take a close hard look at your lifestyle to be able to make some serious changes.

Getting rid of extra weight means looking at particular areas of your life where you can make helpful changes. Specific factors involved, such as stress levels, dietary intake and activity levels. All these things combine to determine how much weight you carry and how big your waist is. Modifying the areas of you life that need changing will bring you success in your efforts to “whittle your middle.”

Let’s talk about stress, first. Stress is a killer, I’m sure that’s not news to anyone. It produces a hormone called cortisol, which the body uses to slow the metabolism. I suppose you could think of it as the body trying to slow you down, because you’re too stressed out, and slowing down would be the obvious “cure.” But what your body is not aware of is that when you slow down, the stress doesn’t necessarily go away. In fact, it may add more to your life. For example, when your metabolism slows down, you do not burn fat like you should. It becomes harder to lose belly fat, resulting in frustration and failure. That sounds like more stress to me!

Whatever you can do to raise your metabolism is what you actually need to reduce belly fat. Eliminating stress from your life will bring cortisol levels back to normal, and increased activity will raise your metabolism. A faster metabolism fat much more efficiently.

Supplements to reduce your cortisol levels are also available. Talk to your doctors and nurses and, if you decide to try supplements, read and follow manufacturer’s guidelines carefully. Don’t let a slow metabolism be your barricade to losing that stubborn belly fat, but be careful, too.

Cortisol levels return to normal levels on their own when we get plenty of good quality rest. That makes sleep a natural ally when trying to lose belly fat. An adult needs a minimum of 7 to 9 hours of quality sleep in every 24 hour period. Modern times rarely allow this for most people, however, so sleep needs to be on your list of lifestyle moderations to increase your rate of belly fat loss success. “Beauty Sleep” takes on a whole new meaning, now, doesn’t it, when you look at it in terms of losing belly fat!

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