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How To Reduce Stress – Which Can Damage Your Skin

It is now common knowledge that stress can take a toll on your health and physique.
Stress is also known to cause hypertension, heart attack, asthma and weight gain, but did you know that it can do severe damage to your complexion?

– Your flawless complexion suddenly breaks out into acne or begins exhibition of early wrinkles. Either you control the stress, or visit a doctor. And if you are not sure of either of them, you can take up meditation or yoga classes, and include a dose of spa therapy in it.

– Dermatologists are known to spot stress when they see an aberration in someone’s complexion.

– Ever seen someone’s face flush unnaturally? Rosacea is a skin problem aggravated by stress. Not only does it increase the hormone, cortisol, but also leads to severe skin problems like acne, psoriasis, rosacea and wrinkle.

– If stress aggravates the production of sebum, it also increases the production of adrenaline. In this state, the hormone directs blood away from the skin to the muscles to give it strength to deal with crisis. But this condition for a prolonged period can lead to an overproduction of adrenaline and a pale, bloodless look. Consult a specialist as soon as possible.

– Chronic stress tends to stiffen muscles, which obstructs the normal blood flow to the skin. This state prevents the elimination of wastes from underlying tissues, leaving a pallid, dull skin in its place. So, find a balance between natural herbs, medicines and exercise to rid the ‘S’ factor, and bring back the glow to your complexion.

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