Speed Chicken Curry (Slimming World)

Full Recipe Here: http://loseweightlookfab.com/speed-chicken-curry Speed Chicken Curry (Slimming World) – A healthy chicken curry full of slimming world spee…

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50 Responses to Speed Chicken Curry (Slimming World)

  1. John McGowan says:

    Brilliant video – it’s well edited and it’s focussed on the cooking process
    rather than most of the 20 minute ego trips/facial shots that most slimming
    world “cooks” seem to put on youtube. Many thanks for taking the time and
    effort and posting it. It looks good too so I will try this.

  2. judgebaggage says:

    What’s the reason for the Baked beans? It doesn’t make it a genuine curry
    and it’s loads extra sugar and salt. Personally I would just stick to the
    tinned tomatoes and passata. 

  3. Elaine Powell says:

    fab recipe I used quorn chunks instead of chicken – blooming lovely taX 

  4. Helen Sefton says:

    What alot of faffing around, I thought it said quick!!

  5. Donna Willingham says:

    Really enjoyed this, one of the best low fat curries I’ve tried. :-)

  6. Gill O Connor Lynch says:

    Make this at least once a week!! Love it, it’s absolutely delicious thank

  7. Tony Martin says:

    Is that not far to much salt

  8. Sana Malak says:

    hi do we have to put it in the oven

  9. MrPatandrob says:

    Made this tonight,although I didn’t have peppers or tomato purée,but used
    mushrooms instead. Have to agree that the Asda chicken is very good. It was
    simple to make and was very tasty. Thanks for sharing. 

  10. LoseWeightLookFab says:

    Yes, should have mentioned that 🙂

  11. LoseWeightLookFab says:

    its free x

  12. 00nosh00 says:

    Tomato ppuree aint syn free ..do you ave to put it in the oven

  13. David Jennings says:

    Looks a lovely curry I’ll definitely have a go at this – I like the idea of
    blending beans and pasatta to make a thick sauce. This is syn free by my
    estimation for extra easy 🙂

  14. Jacqueline Nardone says:

    Looks so good! Can’t wait to try

  15. bazbee1 says:

    wont it just taste strongly of baked beans? i made SW speed soup which had
    a tin of baked beans in it and had to throw it down the loo. it was awful

  16. LoseWeightLookFab says:

    Hiya, you can leave the beans out, it will still be tasty but the sauce
    won’t be as thick x

  17. LoseWeightLookFab says:

    Hiya, I didn’t find the bean leaving any strong bean taste, the first time
    I made this and gave to my OH he didn’t know what went in and wasn’t until
    he saw me made it second time round he was shocked to see me using beans,
    you will love it, the curry flavour balance the beans. If your not keen on
    the beans leave them out, the sauce just won’t be as thick xx

  18. Michelle Wall says:

    Just made this tonight for my tea, I am hoping it freezes alright, as the
    pan i made is enough to feed 6..i followed you down to the T…but got a
    lot out if it, i added garlic and mushrooms, but kept the bayleaf out..

  19. Ry Watts says:

    very mature comment your an idiot….chicken curry can be a healthy
    dish…chicken is a lean meat, tomatoes are very good for you and extremely
    healthy, curry powder is merely a blend of spices (many of which have
    health benefits) the tin of beans did contain some sugar but its minimal
    due to the quantity of beans per portion of curry….served with rice this
    is a healthy meal that would fill you up and not stupid empty calories.if
    you dont know anything about nutrition why make a silly comment?

  20. Thea Cook says:

    Tomato puree is still syn free, I’ve just checked on the website, it’s only
    the sun dried tomato puree that is sinned (1.5 per tbsp) as it has oil

  21. jennifer says:

    this looks great just one question though – why do you put it in the oven?
    would it be fine to just skip that part?

  22. James Fisher says:

    What is the calorie content for a portion of curry without rice?

  23. LoseWeightLookFab says:

    Hiya, at the time of making this video tomato puree was syn free, I haven’t
    heard any different but do check with your consultant. You don’t have to
    put in the oven you can finish cooking it on the stove just make sure the
    chicken is cooked all the way through x

  24. susan campbell says:

    fab thanks again 🙂

  25. LoseWeightLookFab says:

    Hope you enjoyed it x

  26. よねやまいけいと says:

    Did this with leg weights. What was I thinking? HAHA!
    I’ve been doing this workout everyday for the past 5 days and my legs toned
    up so much!! My skinny jeans that I have a difficult time putting on
    because of my thighs, fits like a glove now. 🙂 Will surely keep doing

  27. Natalie Gogosashvili says:

    I really need to slim downs my inner thighs,,,will this workout work?? Has
    anyone seen results?

  28. Jess Adams says:

    Dang already did a different one today…will have to try this one
    tomorrow. Just based on the comments I’m a little scared, but excited

  29. Megan Gorman says:

    This was a really good hip workout, lots of unique moves i’ve never done

  30. Evelyn L says:

    Today’s lineup…

    Fitness Blender’s Lean Mean Legs Workout – Booty …:

  31. jennifer quiroz says:

    This is a.grat workout!!! Ive been looking for one that really works and
    its a huge help. Iits my first day doing this and im gonna keep doing.
    Overall Great workout!!

  32. Polyterpe says:

    Omg… i think i died 

  33. Amelie LaRose says:

    Thanks for this nice workout! I really enjoyed feeling my inner thighs
    working! And it’s great that it focuses on toning the legs without building
    mass. I did this right after one of FitnessBlender’s HIIT workouts and had
    to really push myself to finish the cardio part in this routine :D

  34. Nani Elayne says:

    I’m only 10 minutes in and I need a breather!!! Good Lord my legs are going
    to be hella sore tomorrow…. 

  35. hellradiolives says:

    My hips sincerely hurt while doing the u & w exercises, not just normal
    exertion pain but almost like I was being stabbed in them. I had no
    problem with squats or any of the other exercises. Should I keep trying
    them, leave them out of this routine or try another routine, or consider
    this a possible medical problem?

  36. All4Reborns says:

    not bad at all!!

  37. Avi Kolapo says:

    +Devanshi Sukhija You could try this leg and thigh workout n tell me what
    you think.
    You could let me know when you want to do it n I’ll do it too n get back to
    each other 🙂 x

  38. kar sadek says:

    Please I want a workout to slim thigh and burn fat in thighs , and I dont
    want my thighs to get bigger so please help

  39. Pilates italy says:

    Inner tights W??? I hate those so much, but in a good way!!! I love
    this workout, a good mix of cardio, pilates and legs/booty toning!

  40. shitty1119 says:

    can it really make my thighs thinner?

  41. Cha'Mira Keener says:

    whew!!! I’m only halfway through the workout and I’m dying lol!!! Great
    video!! Thanks.

  42. Sandi F says:

    im trying not to feel bad about myself when exerises are challenging. there
    were a couple exercises I couldnt do at all… bust! lol….

  43. giulia morleo says:


  44. rundeey says:

    great workout! glad i made it x.x 

  45. Einhorn Anspitzer says:

    nice workout! thank you! :)

  46. Antonia R. says:

    This is my favourite workout! Are there workouts simliar to this one? I
    mean without cardio and that just focus on toning while burning a lot of

  47. Polyterpe says:

    Omg… i think i died 

  48. Azka Gul says:

    Does this make your thighs & legs skinnier? 

  49. Sanjog Silawal says:

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  50. Татьяна Якубовская says:

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