Shaun T’s Weight Loss Tips

Shaun T., creator of “Insanity,” shows us what to eat to help us reach our weight-loss goals this year.

When Melissa’s military husband, Mike, returned from Afghanistan, he seemed to have become a different person. Later diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Dis…

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38 Responses to Shaun T’s Weight Loss Tips

  1. meganjerai says:

    So funny because I just bought Shaun T’s Rockin Body last week and
    regretted spending the money on it because I didn’t think I could make it
    through it. I’m extremely out of shape and he wears me out. This is like a
    sign from God to just keep pushing through. 

  2. Zeena Ali says:

    why all amazing guys r GAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY???

  3. Missy Bleu says:

    HAHAHAHA Wendy always outing somebody on TV…lol

  4. shedakat says:

    Pretty sure he’s married to a guy. Still hot though. 

  5. Wild-Wild-One97 ! says:

    His Husband is Hip-Hoping all in That You Know What.
    But Really Congrats to Shaun T’ & His Husband
    At Least He’s Openly Gay, Unlike Some That Lie & Try to Hide it.

  6. Princess Pretty says:

    dam now I know why Wendy had so many miscarriages. her body doesn’t look
    like it could hold a child, she has no hips what so ever 

  7. pixigirl999 says:

    I am currently doing insanity and boy oh boy it is a killer but it really
    does give amazing results. 

  8. Wendy Williams says:
  9. trfrierson says:

    I swear they don’t make certain exercise moves for tall people lol. I
    remember when Shaun t came out the first thing I said it would be a shame
    of he gay cuz he fine. Yep he is lol

  10. LADY LOVE says:

    I’m a vegetarian lol that beef and steak almost made me puke…. each
    lifestyle to their own. No judgement tho :))

  11. CSpan1993 says:

    If you noticed everything he showed had no carbs except for the vegetables.

  12. Shaun Crawford says:

    lol this is not the best muscle his body not even look right his gun look
    weird his head small good abs tho

  13. buddy77587 says:

    He is the bomb on physical fitness! Good shot trying Wendy. Good for you. 

  14. DerrickRose fanFORREAL says:

    chickadees in the audience stop screaming and going wild over him,
    huney…he’s married to his white-chocolate hubby. bring it down numerous
    notches sugas!

  15. Nehemiah Maddox says:

    Shaun T is sweeter than a sweet potato pie… #HowYouDoin 

  16. marie brii says:

    I know she has that eye disease but daayuuum that stare at 5:11 was so

  17. Sulz Kash says:

    Love Shaun T…Love Wendy!!! Great combo!

  18. Vontaaay 93 says:

    Wendy you look so Great today but don’t loose no more weight Skinny Girl
    =) !!!

  19. Danny Arias says:

    lol am I the only one that hears Sean say Whitney instead of Wendy?

  20. Demaris Arrington says:

    Where’s Taraji P. Henson Interview!!!! You should post this!!! This is so
    not right!!! 

  21. mollycutey says:

    Wendy you have such long skinny legs

  22. lautner cruz says:

    1st bitches

  23. Chemiskey says:

    wendy always move so awkward like she still self conscious of her body.
    it’s funny to watch tho.

  24. Princess Pretty says:

    omg wendy actually looks really good wearing sweats and her hair kinda tied
    back, but why does she always look a hot mess when ever she is not doing
    this show??

  25. Brittney Finch says:

    Sooo not use to seeing Wendy in sneakers hehe :-)

  26. Kimberley Wise says:

    I lost my husband to PTSD as well. I cried through most of this video. I
    went down a really down dark path after losing my husband and struggled
    with depression and weight gain. I’m trying to get back on track and
    Melissa is a really great inspiration. 

  27. adeline adeline says:

    This is so sad, I had to skip this all the sad parts but am really happy
    for her.

  28. DrCoke217 says:

    the trainer said she was pregnant at the beginning, and over the year she
    didn’t get bigger while bearing a child. What happened?

  29. Nacho G says:

    I know what this family is going through something very similar happened to
    my dad

  30. meerokay says:

    Melissayou made me cry and cry , you inspired me to never ever give up in
    life on any things. The world is lucky to have human like you. I love you.

  31. KRA says:

    1:07:15 this is the type of background song they use? anyone know?

  32. Jorge Reina says:

    Since I’m 12 I don’t know how to send a letter but i am 180 pounds and I
    just can lose it I’m a girl I know this profile says Jorge Reina but I’m
    Izbella Reina I just want to lose pounds I so embarrass. Help me

  33. Dopestyles says:

    Wow Melissa is actually a really beautiful mom :o

  34. KRA says:

    she’s pregnant? dafug! 

  35. danielrestarik says:

    I love Heidi <3 she's so sweet !

  36. Anna madsen says:

    love it thanks for it :-)

  37. Ay Zi says:

    lol she was always fat…

  38. Supersize vs Superskinny says:

    Extreme Weight Loss – Season 1

    Extreme Weight Loss – Season 2

    Extreme Weight Loss – Season 3

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