My Weight Loss Story (With Pictures)

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24 Responses to My Weight Loss Story (With Pictures)

  1. Katherine P says:

    So in your country:
    – it’s weird to use facebook?
    – A 65 pound weight loss is a big number? I would think 100 pounds and more
    is a big number.

  2. Tatiana Salazar says:

    Where are u from ¿ u have a peculiar accent

  3. Zirtripz Zlot says:

    You are an awesome inspiration. i want to lose weight ….

  4. Carmen Foster says:

    Where is she from? :)

  5. Reckless Behavior says:

    I went to 220 to 150.

  6. Laura Budkina says:

    I know what you’ve been going through. By the age of 16-17 I weighted
    207lbs (94kg). I thought I could never lose weight. Next month I’m turning
    18 and I have lost total of 57lbs (26kg) this year and still trying to lose
    last couple pounds. There’s hope for everybody, just please, don’t ever
    give up!

  7. gltf videos says:

    where is your fb

  8. Mady Claire says:

    Puberty hit you like a truck 

  9. Charlotte Milne says:

    I’ve lost 45lbs sooooooo happy

  10. Chastity auli says:

    I truly think you looked cute as a kid. Absolutely adorable and just as
    pretty now!

  11. WeightLossVideoGroup says:

    you are my inspiration, thanks <3

  12. OfficialMeganXO says:

    So inspiring! But I have a question, what’s wrong with using facebook?

  13. Izzy Collings says:

    Congrats on 25,000

  14. ChillHoe says:

    So I love this video, your awesome girlll

  15. Dakshita Roy says:

    you are gorgeous! love the transformation 🙂 I can relate to everything you
    said lol

  16. sophiemartin0123 says:

    Im 5’2 and 180ish lbs and ive been looking for motivation…this makes me
    believe i can do it thank you so much <3

  17. allieclaire26 says:

    what a beautiful transformation you made. im very proud :)

  18. Giselle Arellano says:

    Can you just be my motivational speaker? haha

  19. noahbabe97 says:

    You lost all that in a YEAR? wow YOU are an inspiration 😀 and yeah please
    do this series :D

  20. xxx Brooke says:

    . I’m happy that your finally happy with yourself Cassidy!!! I recently
    lost my weight this past year and I really believe part of it was to the
    bands that make me happy and not depressed.… anyways thanks for the video

  21. Ryans Weight loss Journey says:

    Great motivational video! Im kinda going through same thing but my starting
    weight was 326.3! started June 1st and im down to 284. still a long way to
    go but I will get my goal of 130 lbs before next June! thanks for the
    video. I also am doing videos each week if anyone wants to do this
    together! support is key!

  22. Libby Maree says:

    I’m 15 and I weigh 84.
    I used to weigh 89 not long ago, and I’m slowly loosing weight!
    It’s very motivating that you can do it!
    Now I know I definitely can too! ❤️

  23. Abigail Harper says:

    Never throw away your time anddollars and effort on weight lossproducts or
    ointments since their results if any are merely temporary.

  24. Valeria Uvalle says:

    You live in Iceland? Where is that? BTW you are gorgeous!!!

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