Leg Slimming Pilates Butt and Thigh Workout to Lift Glutes & Tone Thighs

Leg Slimming Pilates Butt and Thigh Workout to Lift Glutes & Tone Thighs

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50 Responses to Leg Slimming Pilates Butt and Thigh Workout to Lift Glutes & Tone Thighs

  1. Natalie Gogosashvili says:

    Please tell me someone which FITNESS blender workouts are the best for
    getting slimmer inner and outer thighs??

  2. Iliana Fearless says:

    My best friend sent me this to work out! I’m soo grateful to her it’s
    awesome! Thanks Demi! <3

  3. Sele S says:

    can i do this with ankle weights?

  4. Serena Elisa says:

    is this considered cardio or strength? or neither?

  5. Elle Kats says:

    I have really muscly legs (I’ve been working out probably my whole life 😛
    ) but I want them to look thinner. Should I avoid some excersizes? I don’t
    want them to lose their shape :/ could anyone help me on that?

  6. Healthyliving says:

    how do u do that last exercise – my legs don’t go up that way. how do I
    lift my thighs off the ground in that position? lol

  7. Farhany Izzaty says:

    I have a really bulky thighs and butt. Consider it as a fat, yes it’s a
    fat, are these pilates can help slimming my thighs and butt? Help me.

  8. FitnessBlender says:

    Hi Guys! We’re busy working behind the scenes on the new 8 Week Fat Loss
    Program Round 5, as well as trying to slow down and take some of the
    rest/downtime we were talking about a few videos back (Poppin’ Bottles,
    Floating, PDA, New 8 Week Program & Site Updates, Stress Management & Near
    Burnout). Are you all having a good summer? We hope you enjoy this new

  9. TheChickenRiceBowl says:

    My legs are already slim so is this going to give me chicken legs? I’m
    already skinny I just want to get stronger, is this going to help me?

  10. Lucieslife says:

    Daniel and Kelli, I have purchased the first round of your 8 week fat loss
    program, and i really want to try it out, it’s just that I’m worried I will
    lose the muscle I have gained over the past while because I have mostly
    been doing strength training and not much cardio. Your thoughts?

  11. احمد بن عبدالعزيز says:

    يالربع ، التمرين اللي فيه حرمه للحريم و التمرين اللي فيه رجال للرجال .. صح
    والا بتاع كلو مخلطط ، عطونا العلم لا ندمتم 

  12. Cow PalxD says:

    This is heavenly! My legs feel like they’re about to fall off but it’s
    totally worth it 🙂 

  13. Ryan redwing says:

    hey kelly I love your workouts can you make me a workout video with you
    taking off your socks then doing yoga make sure you paint your toenails.!
    thanks kelly!

  14. Joella J says:

    x___X I almost died, but this is great!

  15. 21SayWhat21 says:

    I’m not sure if you already have a video for this, but can you please do an
    arm workout? One specifically for bulking or adding muscles to tone and
    tighten/lift tricep area? I’m currently losing weight and want to tighten
    and tone my arms as I lose weight, but I currently have that “batwing” and
    puffy elbow where fat hangs over the elbow a bit. I’ve had it all my life
    no matter how much weight I’ve lost even when I was in a healthy range, so
    can you do a good routine for that please :)? For like the triceps and
    sides of the arms? Thank you in advance if you consider it!!!! Great
    workout by the way!!

  16. Ruby Anne Cecilio says:

    +FitnessBlender im underweight but i have a large belly too. i have lots of
    belly fat. i dont want to lose weight but i also want to make my thighs
    bigger. what do you think are the best workouts for me?

  17. Barbara Torres says:

    What do you mean by “squeezing”? 

  18. Michelle Beil says:

    I’ve lost 70 pounds. Been doing a lot of these workouts recently. Love
    them! I have stubborn back thigh fat that takes forever to tone. Inner
    thighs and butt have toned but having difficulty toning up back thigh fat. 

  19. K Mushbeauty says:

    Another workout complete 🙂 I really felt this one! Thanks FitnessBlender

  20. Luzia Etter says:

    Dear Kelly, I’m 24 years old and I had an accident in April. Since that, I
    have back problems and can’t do a lot of sports. Can you recomend anything
    so I could still work out and don’t hurt my back? I’m not allowed to run or
    jump or do anything like this… 🙁 thank you for your help!

  21. glamtheresa7 says:

    Kelli, you were reading my mind. When you said “go to your happy place” I
    so need to hear that!! This routine looks simple, but doing…I felt the
    burn. Thank you for this because my knees and lunges are mortal enemies!!

  22. tiutiukas says:

    Very nice workout, thank you very much 🙂 I’m up for anything that does not
    include jumping (second floor)

  23. บุณยนุช สุดสีสังข์ says:


  24. farrahintajak says:

    My favourite

  25. Alcan Ünsal says:

    Can someone who did that exercise tell me does it work and when will I see
    the difference if it works? Thanks

  26. Jazzy A says:

    how many pounds is her dumbbells?

  27. Rachel Kinsella says:

    I’m so disappointed :/ I had lost so much weight, was toned, ate healthy,
    felt so much happier and when i went back to uni I let it all slip again
    and now i have put so much weight back on 🙁 I feel like a fat little 14
    year old again 

  28. Buse Şare says:

    This workout works after losing weight or while continue on my diet ? My
    arms looks so fat but I’m afraid to gain big muscles 

  29. Piikuliina says:

    I seriously think about switching the days of the calender. I’m writing an
    exam tomorrow, so I don’t know how dead my arms will be the next day O___O
    What to do?? :(( I could do the cardio workouts of thursday instead…


  30. Lucy Lu says:

    I can’t balance for shit on the first move

  31. Vicky says:

    Your ability to look completely and utterly normal throughout the workout
    is almost insane. I look like I’m giving birth wtf

  32. Annalise Kean says:

    Love this workout, but one of my arms seems to be getting more toned than
    the other and I don’t know why :(

  33. Samantha Scarcella says:

    Cassey, I need your help 🙁 I work in a restaurant and holding all the
    heavy trays has made my left arm(mostly my bicep) MUCH stronger than my
    right arm, and the difference is very noticeable when I flex. I can’t even
    out my arms for the life of me, what should I do? Should I stop working out
    my left arm for awhile until my right arm has caught up? Even during this
    workout I noticed that it was easier on my left bicep than my right. 

  34. Anna Osborne says:

    Finished this feel amazing!!

  35. Tanya M says:

    Always did this with 3Ibs weights and just switched to 5Ibs. It may not
    seem like much to some people but I almost cannot feel my arms. This is my
    favourite workout. Gave me great results with my arms.

  36. Charlotte H. says:

    aaahhh my shoulders!!!! 

  37. Alexis Mercado says:

    Can this get rid of bra fat as well?

  38. albeetess1019 says:

    Wow it’s been a year since I first did this workout. I couldn’t finish it
    with just water bottles on my hands back then. It’s nice to see how I’ve
    improved. Thanks Cassey I will always love working out with you. You are my
    inspiration and friend. I don’t know what I’d do without you! Hope to see
    you someday xx

  39. Adina Shafi says:

    October 23rd. im working out and then Cassey says we need weights in this
    video. i looked around my basement, beside my washing machine i found two
    bottles of 2.03L washing detergent. oh yeah, i picked them up and used them
    for this video. My back is gonna fall off. hahah!
    Happy Octoneber 23rd Popsters!!

  40. sarra zargoo says:

    I like ur channel a lot i’m huge fan 3

  41. craftygirl1113 says:

    I cannot for the life of me do the first move, I tried, but either the leg
    or arm is really good and the other is terrible so I just held the leg most
    of the time

  42. savannah reed says:

    How long will it take to start seeing results?

  43. scentsymom1 says:

    Omg I love this video 

  44. GalaxyLoverz says:

    Did anyone see results? If you did after what period of time and what kind
    of results? Please answer x

  45. Teri 1ply says:

    This might sound really ratchet. But if you have no dumbells or
    waterbottles around… you can use a couple of 2 inch thick text books. a
    bit hard to grip but still pretty good workout. 

  46. Clara Sheeran says:

    I can do the whole thing now, it’s insane! I couldn’t do it two months ago,
    for sure. Thanks Cassey!

  47. sefacly says:

    after all the other arm workouts, anything on the wrist kills. do you have
    any suggestions on how to stop that? 

  48. Calley Styles says:

    i only have one 5 pound weight… i have no water bottles in my house so i
    really don’t know what do. I just tense my muscles and use body as my
    resistance :/

  49. Jazmine Wilson says:

    Definitley the hardest arm workout video!!

  50. Brianna Wofford says:

    This video was literally insane. Omg such a great workout. Thanks Cassey!!
    One of my new favorites :-)

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