Leg Slimming Pilates Butt and Thigh Workout by FitnessBlender.com

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53 Responses to Leg Slimming Pilates Butt and Thigh Workout by FitnessBlender.com

  1. Prima Love says:

    I don’t know why, but I can’t do the last one no matter how hard I try

  2. Nuca Gray says:

    I really want thinner calves. But i am afraid doing these will build up
    more muscles in my calves and make them bigger. What should i do?

  3. Sara Lisa says:

    wow this video was so helpful. I used to have muscular thighs i hated but
    know they’re really skinny and i love them i lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks with
    help from this vid so thank u som much 4 it

  4. Jessica Mendez says:

    when will you see results ?

  5. Elinor Ventilacion says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  6. Meghna Agrawal says:

    U can do the flutter easily if u hold in a semi crunch position and then do
    them to start with. Hope this helps :)

  7. Kerry McDermott says:

    Does this do anything for saddlebags?

  8. Jidapa Lohawiboonkij says:

    Do i have to do cardio before this exercise? 

  9. Kennedy Stevenson says:

    Just started till Dec 14

  10. Daniel Vasilev says:


  11. Yanuaria Lopez says:

    Me gustaria estuviera en español

  12. sandyzmz says:

    the last one is tough! cant lift my thighs that high.

  13. Inna Inako says:

    is it effective ? 

  14. Giang Nguyen says:

    Does this work out create muscle? Help me ;)

  15. kay sykes says:

    I hate the adverts in between >:(

  16. ilinka hristova says:

    how long does it take to see results?

  17. Paigereader says:

    Wow! That workout actually made me sweat! 

  18. Revy Subterfuge says:


  19. NeverStoppedSinging says:

    Like it a lot!

  20. Esmeralda Macias says:


  21. All4Reborns says:


  22. Nathalie Gamage says:

    Hey there Daniel and Kellie! I was just wondering what you mean when you
    say to remember to “keep leaning forward”? I am not really feeling it in my
    abs so I think I am missing something haha! Does it mean you have to bring
    your whole front of your body more forward than your legs or? Sorry for
    such a silly question. Thanks for all your help. It means a lot and all
    your help makes such a huge difference to not only I but to a lot of
    people. 🙂 

  23. An Na says:

    О да!

  24. Karen Conlan says:

    I’m going to do this every day

  25. Maja Pavić says:

    Just what I needed for my torn hamstring! Rehab is the key

  26. Bruna Depole says:

    Sarah could you please do a video about acid reflux? I just found our I’m a
    reflux and sometimes I don’t know what to eat! And also I don’t know if I’m
    eating enough;( recently I started having oatmeal for breakfast and I
    believe is helping me! My biggest problem was the fat so I pretty much cut
    a lot of it and lost a few pounds since started to eat better for my
    reflux!’ So if u could please try to help me n other that suffer from
    reflux! Thx

  27. 99flutter says:

    Yknow… Some people are just skinny because they’re hyper or have ADHD
    (80hd? Aidyhd?)

  28. John Strabismus says:

    BS. Thin people just don’t overeat.

  29. xHanZiiix says:

    I don’t think naturally skinny people drink vinegar. The only people who do
    are trying to lose weight because they arent skinny.

  30. Honey Jayawon says:

    Naturally skinny people eat any type of food, I think that’s why they’re
    called “naturally skinny”. I love to eat sweets but my metabolism is just
    naturally boosted up. If you guys have some kind of problem with your
    metabolism, I suggest you guys eat but not a lot. Always remember eat up to
    80% only, by that you’re body will easily burn the food than when you’re
    too much full. And also drink water before every meal, it will give you a
    feeling that you’re not too much hungry resulting you not to eat too much.

    Note: The brain is the most powerful organ in our body because it sends
    messages to our other organs, thinking that you’re metabolism will get
    faster will also help a lot in psychological terms.

  31. Reyna Gleah says:

    Now I know why I don’t gain weight. I’ve been trying to gain a bit weight
    for myself because I was bullied for being skinny and I didn’t know why I
    don’t gain weight at all. My friends asks me all the time what’s my secret
    and I can’t answer them because I just eat whatever I want.

  32. Pook says:

    The naturopath I go to recommends diluting apple cider vinegar with
    water…1 tsp-1 tbsp per small glass of water, the amount of apple cider
    vinegar really depends on how much you can tolerate it. If I have too much
    I get reflux. I do find it beneficial. It has other uses as well. 

  33. ed campion says:

    i am slim and i never eat any of this crap.eat well and exercise a bit.

  34. lkatrina26 says:

    Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV), though may have health benefits, is highly
    acidic and dangerous to drink alone especially daily. It is best to drink
    it diluted down with water. ACV not diluted with water is very harmful for
    your teeth/gums and enamel. Please don’t have ACV without being diluted. I
    learned the hard way. 

  35. Much2Troublesome says:

    This is such BS. I’m naturally skinny and I just eat whatever I want, same
    with a lot of my friends who are naturally skinny. What keeps me naturally
    skinny is my fast metabolism.

  36. tyra banks says:

    grapefruit, almonds, and coffee all make me go number 2! excellent for

  37. Deisi666 says:

    I´m allergic to almonds and other types of nuts, so what would you
    recommend I eat that gives me the same benefits and nutrients that people
    who CAN eat nuts get?

  38. GamerGeek4ever 01 says:

    But i hate vinegar and coffe

  39. ladie lofty says:

    LOL I wish I could do the “coulda had a V8” slap through computer screens

  40. TheGirlLovesSports says:

    And lmao at coffee, I like your channel but coffee creates havoc in the
    body– moreso the caffeine. Don’t know why you’d suggest coffee.

  41. butterfly1974able says:

    Hey there Sara love your videos. I have a question for you I usually eat a
    oatmeal before I go to sleep and I usually mix in some type of fruit like a
    pear or an apple or some berries Im wondering is this a bad thing to do
    before bed .by the way this happens to be my 3rd meal for the day as well
    so that’s the reason Im eating at that time . any suggestions would be
    great Thanks

  42. ElleC511 says:

    Chia seeds in coffee? This is the first time I’m hearing this idea!

  43. BonjourCasey says:

    I ad some cinnemon and cayenne to my coffe. I know it sounds very strange
    but its so good and it has a noce sting to it. also try Chia seeds. have a
    shot of them in the morning its so good for everthing.

  44. Lizz Lektrik says:

    I must say you are an happy and inspiring person…tnx for the tips and
    video workouts. ♥

  45. Marina Scott says:

    what if youre 16 & ADD and you cant drink coffee with having an energetic
    mental breakdown?

  46. asma AA says:

    i am elrgict from cinamon 🙁

  47. Kim B says:

    Cinnamon in coffee 🙂 can’t go without it

  48. Yssebelle Milla says:


  49. Mona says:

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