Introduction to Wellness – What is Wellness

This class focuses on the ways that we define wellness. Emphasis is placed on high level wellness, peak performance, and self-actualization.
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2 Responses to Introduction to Wellness – What is Wellness

  1. Pavel L says:

    Introduction to Wellness – What is Wellness?

    You can find more resources on what is Wellness:

  2. joe smith says:

    i come here to talk about personal integrity. i try to be a better me but
    it just opens a window and in quiet moments i get a glimpse of all of my
    shortcomings. the problem with spiritual progress is that it leads to
    expanded awareness which then causes dissapointment. if humans want great
    maturity, clarity, fortitude, righteousness, courage and strong will then
    to become more aware of ones own smallness and limitations is very
    disheartening. before every failure in the world, in your relationships and
    in your achievments there has been a failure in the soul, your failures in
    life mirror the failures of your spirit, this is a difficult concept to
    accept but is intuitive with an understanding of cause and effect.

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