HOW I LOST BELLY FAT, WEIGHT, & INCHES!!! | HIGHLY REQUESTED Thank you for watching, HD is available! This video is based on what I am pers…
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  1. Jessica Golla says:

    how did you stay motivated because I have a tendency of starting all
    motivated but then I stop. I hate that about me, any advise?

  2. sexyellex says:

    China, you have inspired me to continue working out at home. I was
    considering joining a gym but I didn’t know if I could fit it in my
    schedule. Thanks for sharing what you have been doing.

  3. Lutricia Dillard says:

    I love this video, ! & I REALLY love your hair !!! Please tell me all about
    it ! 

  4. (´・ω・`) says:

    yeah….your gonna marry me :)

  5. BritBrat011 says:

    Where did you get the waist slimmer?

  6. Aj's World! says:

    Great video

  7. Jessica Grant says:

    Hi China..I’m a new subbie. Luv your vids and motivation they really
    inspire me to get on track. can you ell me the name of the zumba game you
    are doing towards the end this video?

  8. Blue Diamonds says:

    Well done. With hard work and determination anything can be achieved. :)

  9. Carmela Quinata says:

    I love your Video :)

  10. Frances Genodepa says:

    I exercise at home too.!! I love to dance, cut down or stop drinking juice
    and, only water. OOOHHHHHh.. 

  11. Stephanie Mojica says:

    I have that zumba core and I try it one’s and after do it I couldn’t even
    walk or go piss i got scared and I never used again…. it that’s normal
    that your entire body hurt

  12. Victoria Jacobs says:

    Thanks I’m going get that protein shake and starting my journey again 

  13. sarah bennetts says:

    Keeping it real, like it girl!! You have given me some need
    motivation…good luck to u all on ur journeys x

  14. Coconutem says:

    Lol I love your down to earth style and humor its very encouraging for
    people who are trying to work out as beginners. I’ve been working out on my
    butt on and off for a few weeks, but whew when I did your butt workouts
    today I felt that booty burn! Also, this might not be fore everyone, but if
    you can’t or don’t want to spend money on protein shakes, mixes etc you can
    do what I do to maintain protein and drink one raw egg every morning. It
    keeps your muscles tight and right and feeds the muscles especially if
    you’re trying to gain muscle mass for your glutes. It doesn’t really taste
    gross I promise! If anyone does try this method, I recommend downing the
    egg in one quick shot, its the only way for it to really go down without
    grossing yourself out and afterwards you’ll definitely wonder why it
    grossed you out so much to begin with. Quick and painless with great
    results for less money. 🙂 Good luck to everyone on their healthy living.

  15. Kiki Jackson says:

    Is the zumba you mentioned a Wii game or dvd? 

  16. Tamara Green says:

    You are so pretty and positive. Please do more videos on abdominal
    workouts! :)

  17. den how says:

    Fitness blender really does work. They have so many workouts to choose from
    so u don’t get bored.

  18. Tierra Bell says:

    How many dance workouts do you do when using the zumba? I usually do 3 a
    day and try to do a few before bed 

  19. Sher bear says:

    That was fun you fun and inspiring! 🙂

  20. piinkz101 says:

    Thanks girlllllll

  21. Monica Daymon says:

    I am so very proud of you. I suffer from severe anxiety with depression and
    I take a lot of meds. I’ve tried so many ways to beat this. I wasn’t always
    this way. But any way the meds put so much weight on me. I eat properly
    …. that’s not true I barely eat I’m just tired all the time. Long story
    short. Just watching you achieve your goals made me feel so proud. I jus
    always have been one to be happy for others who achieve their goals. I wish
    you continued success. Be forever blessed.: )

  22. Destiny Brimmage says:

    U so beautiful sis

  23. SunshineBug04 says:

    Thanks so mych for sharinf.

  24. Catherine Pena says:

    Pump up is a good app as well

  25. kevin restrepo says:

    I’m 13

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