Extreme Weight Loss – “Ty and Charita” (Season 4 / Episode 1)

In the Season 4 premiere, Ty and Charita (Oklahoma City, OK; Colorado Springs, CO) reveal two very different but equally compelling stories of struggle. Char…

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25 Responses to Extreme Weight Loss – “Ty and Charita” (Season 4 / Episode 1)

  1. Shane Beavers says:

    Un-fucking believable! This motherfucker turned his back on fame and
    fortune to sit around the house and stuff KFC in his face?!!!? Geez, what a
    loser. He’s a disgrace and is a living stereotype of a fat lazy piece of
    shit. Good luck having a heart attack at the age of 25 ass hole.

  2. J. Rains says:

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  3. ASHLEY R BREWER says:

    I think TY wasted their time and the whole show time. That’s pissed me off.
    Why wud u call them to get help once more and then turn them down when they
    asked u to live with them. He is an idiot. Like for real.

  4. Ambergold123 says:

    Tbh, if Ty really wanted to be in the big leagues, he would’ve done
    something about his weight long ago. He just wants the glory with non of
    the work. Just goes to show, talent without effort is a wasted commodity.

  5. Angela Ultee says:

    he lifts chris in the air llike he weighs nothing, OMG he is strong.

  6. Starphrax says:

    Aww I miss Dr.Stoker ;_;

  7. Micah says:

    Charita looked so pretty as she lost her weight ‘-‘

  8. Angela Ultee says:

    I miss the other doctor, this one is saying no too much.

  9. Britt Sivate says:

    Dude could have been in MLB!! Talent wasted. 

  10. Madeline Lps says:

    Ty is hilarious he complains just because his mother is a drunk HA! My dads
    dead and my moms a drug addict. If I where to get this opportunity I would
    grasp it not just complain and quit.

  11. Kim Tan says:

    Charita has a naturally very beautiful physique, those arms are to die
    for… she reminds me of Mrs Obama. :)

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  13. Lou O'Rourke says:

    Get off the couch get fit! Your health is everything.

  14. Kara Posey says:

    “Thanks for the encouragement.” Heck ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. tammy ringer says:

    what did she etc to lose the weight?

  16. Angela Ultee says:

    charita is really beautiful and her boys are just tooooooo cute. 

  17. Albert Bernier says:

    Ty your a big loser glad you walked off the show daddy’s little boy

  18. Forex Success says:

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  19. Helen Jennings says:

    I hate the shaming with the public weighing. So sad for them :-(

  20. Mike Morin says:

    I would give an arm and a leg to do what was given to Ty. And to just throw
    it all away. What a shame!

  21. Lashunda417 says:

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  22. freakypeoplehunter says:

    Ty seemed schizophrenic to me? Look at him glare back and smile when he
    leaves for the 2nd time. Dude gave me the creeps!

  23. Chri stine says:

    Ty had every reason to fight for this transformation. What an idiot, what a

  24. Othelie Moor says:

    I’m not entirely sure I like the new concept. The episode seemed rushed
    when the focus was on two persons.

  25. iDarkestDoge says:

    I cant stop crying…

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