Contouring – face slimming technique

Contouring makeup video.

POP Pilates: Body Slimming Workout (Full 10 min) Pilates Video

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33 Responses to Contouring – face slimming technique

  1. Santos Silva says:

    Ola amigo de todo los comtinentes.ponle salud a vida vive

  2. Cypriots Rock says:

    I really wanted to learn from this technique but,
    tbh,before the contouring her face seemed to appear much slimmer.

  3. Santos Silva says:

    Ola amigos tu dalud es lo primero

  4. revbeauty says:

    New Contouring video

  5. Amanda Jerue says:

    Very nice. She looks tan now. Pretty

  6. boubba meriem says:

    good i love that thankssssssss

  7. Erika Bradford says:


  8. Christine Miller says:

    Is this the right body slimming workout to do? There are two with the same

  9. ThePurpleDot says:

    Did anybody else have trouble with the ballet one?

  10. Rani Singh says:

    I did this on SATURDAY (wednesday now) and my upper abs are still too sore
    to touch!!!

  11. Sophia Dick says:

    I couldn’t lift my butt and crunch at the same time uhm?

  12. soccergames26 says:

    Why are your older videos so much harder >_< IM DEAD

  13. Alyssa Basch says:

    Oh my goodness, I was shaking so much towards the end that I had to use my
    hands to support my leg in the cheerleader L. Day 5 on the Beginner
    Calendar.. haha, I need some work :p

  14. liljubsy says:

    Reading the comments before doing this video is scaring me! I was just
    thinking this day was pretty easy and now I’m worried, haha oh well, gotta
    do it!

  15. Nina de Faria says:

    Day 5 from the beginner’s calendar and I didn’t manage to do it right, had
    to stop almost through every position. Kind of upset, but I guess that’s
    okay… This one was reaaally hard, Cassey!

  16. Olivia Lin says:

    This is my second time doing the calendar, and my elbows kiiillled during
    the ballet twist. And I had to pause so many times, whereas the first time
    it wasn’t so bad. What’s happening??? I would expect myself to be getting
    fitter, but it seems so much worse! :'(

  17. Margherita Maghini says:

    I’m exhausted…XI 

  18. Rebekah Mikaelson says:

    hey everyone i really appreciate if you answered me , in the beginner
    calendar do i have to do the videos all at one or i can do them separately
    throughout the day?

  19. Marra Virtudes says:

    My elbows hurt in the Ballet Twist. I feel it also in my obliques though.
    But I’m just wondering why my elbows hurt so much when I do it. Any tips?

  20. Tatiana Elias says:

    My back always hurts so much with these kind of workouts.. like my tailbone
    hurts too bad I can’t even do the last exercises :(

  21. هياء الموسى says:


  22. leen436 says:

    I feel these during and for a while after the exercise, but I’m never
    really sore the next day? On day 5 of the beginner’s calendar, and I do
    have to stop sometimes, like during yesterday’s bubble butt. Should I be
    sore? Or is my core just kinda strong? 

  23. Leah Bear says:

    That is fucking not beginners

  24. IluvHKong says:

    I’m on Day 4 😛 need tips on avoiding carb cravings 

  25. Ana Victoria Morales says:

    god i really can’t do any exercises where all y weight is held by my
    wrists! had both arms and a wrist broken as a kid, maybe that really
    weakened them? cos it hurts like hell

  26. paigestation says:

    The last two killed me jesus christ

  27. lucfromczech says:

    This is pretty hard for beginners!:D

  28. OnlyPreciousMemories says:

    I can’t do the lady gaga one 🙁 my back just kills me… 

  29. Selvi Ramadhenisa says:

    10:36 Cassey is the real creator of let it go!!!

  30. jennachristy03 says:

    whoa~ :)

  31. Madison Howard says:

    I feel nothing in my abs or obliques while doing the ballet twists. Could
    someone suggest what I’m possibly doing wrong?

  32. Shir S says:

    I just finished day 19 and this was tiring! Hardest day yet!

  33. Arden says:

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