Belly Dance Fitness For Weight Loss

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25 Responses to Belly Dance Fitness For Weight Loss

  1. Mende D says:

    Lol I have this DVD 

  2. JL Peng says:


  3. Алекс Кольт says:

    бред полный, Belly Dance никогда не относился к фитнессу… говно

  4. liliro34 says:

    Nice moves and idea, boring class. Maybe is you use real ethnic music could
    make it iteresting

  5. Rayne Hugley says:

    This was awesome!

  6. Gloria Thomas says:

    LOL this video sucks

  7. veridian mosaix says:

    Ok, this is beautiful AND SEXY, BUT WHY the verbal explanation??? WE can
    see it, so why bother? AGAIN I like it ….

  8. Goldie Long Locks says:

    Love this workout!!!!

  9. 1agentflick says:

    Absolutely superb, thank you.

  10. Yara EL-gindy says:

    boring video and models
    just see body with technique no feeling >>> just moves

    this video not related to belly dance

  11. Somto Unigwe says:

    Sugoi!!!! Had cramps at the end of this!

  12. Marta Etrat says:

    son todos los pasos de la danza árabe. Me gusta

  13. Bea Blance says:

    super like and sexy 

  14. Madura Arawinda says:

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    Furnace. You are bound to get the body you deserve.

  15. Sabin Shrestha says:

    To average people who want to lose fat some day, Copy and paste into Google
    Fat Blast Furnace so you can get started

  16. Christine29LuvMe says:

    I would cut “For weight loss” out of the title. This is hardly intensive

  17. ดวงพร สุดชารี says:

    how can I down load this video?

  18. Fati Martinez says:

    The most stupid video ever a seen.

  19. wigwambam says:


  20. Maricruz Montenegro says:

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