Before and After Weight loss

We are all going to struggle but I was able to lose 90 pounds in 4 and a half months and you can too!! Facebook page:

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25 Responses to Before and After Weight loss

  1. Sandra Scott says:

    Before and after weight loss are really inspiring! I’m also trying to lose
    weight and i think i’m doing a good job . Actually im’ reading the new
    Ricky Dawson’s free report “The 7 Golden Tips” . It contains a lot of
    valuable information on how to drop pounds easily . Thank you again for the

  2. Dragan Krstic says:

    Hello people, can anyone of you suggest me good weight loss program for my
    wife? She has big problems with obesity and she has tried a lot of methods
    and tips to lose weight but nothing really worked in her case. Moreover she
    has problem now with “yo-yo” effect, she is gaining pounds again… If
    anyone of you can recommend and proven weight loss program, please
    recommend! Thanks in advance

  3. Jenny Choi says:

    My I ask how tall you are?

  4. Rachel Andrews says:

    Remember, you are not a heavy person trying to slim down. You are a trim,
    healthy person learning how to reemerge.

  5. Vanessa Rodriguez says:

    What I would like to know is what is a good weight loss routine for a 14-15
    year old? I am not completely over weight, I just want a better figure than
    right now.

  6. Tzu-Chieh Chien says:

    Ummmm i don’t wanna lose weight i wanna gain weight im 120 for a 15 years
    old boi!!!

  7. ZeroWolfAlfa says:

    great work, Im started my jurney last december, gone down I guess 20-25Kg,
    Ido not wheigh me any more, feel it in how cloaths feel. and Im not
    finnished, I do a lifestyle change, not a diet. So it goes slower. Any one
    intrested joun FB J.J.E Livsnjutande matgruppen. We all can benefit by
    charing information and stuff.

  8. Mimi Damur says:

    And she ruins it with implant _
    Disappointed :3 

  9. Alicia M says:

    I think this is one of the most inspiring videos i´ve watched. I love how
    you are not ashamed of showing your before, and i love to see the little
    changes take place as you progressed, i could see when you started to feel
    more attractive, looking happier as you were starting to see results,
    congratulations! you look stunning and your boobies look amazing!! whoever
    disagrees with implants has their opinion, i think they look amazing, and
    she is a beautiful and determined inspiring person!

  10. morfuk says:

    Fantastic determination and consistency, but by the sounds of things you
    massively calorie restricted, which will of given you terrible metabolic
    damage. It’s one of the huge miss conceptions of weight loss, huge
    corporations and self proclaimed fitness guru’s telling you to calorie
    restrict or remove sugar from your diet, now is the time to start eating
    properly and maintain your great new figure. Bravo though, just shows how a
    strong mind conquerors all.

  11. Katerine García Vásquez says:

    What type of exercises you do?
    Omg you are a big inspiration.

  12. Grace Emma says:


  13. Shana Deschler says:

    You look amazing. You should be proud. You’ve worked hard, and you deserve
    every bit of great results you see.

  14. nanaa daniels says:

    music at 2:28

  15. Grimmjow Jaggerjack says: does losing your weight makes your boobs grow bigger? Imma a guy
    so i noticed it

  16. rawan rahwan says:

    How did you do that ?

  17. Janie Save says:

    What did you do? Calorie diet? How much calories? And how many hours a

  18. Vilma Nieminen says:

    I’m sorry to say this, but it seems to me that you have an eating
    disorder.I dont know you, but I’m just saying, it looks like you’re
    obsessed with your body and I think you went too far losing THAT much
    weight being so skinny.I hope I’m wrong or you have passed that time in
    your life. I hope you feel good and you’re happy.

  19. Rainbow Vomit says:

    What was the second song played?? 

  20. SDI LABS says:

    well somatroph hc is the best out their to help with weight loss, people
    are losing tons of weight and keep it off, check out the testimonials on my

  21. Miss Rawrr says:

    I admire the fight that you’ve been through, and I don’t think it’s strange
    at all to treat yourself with some nice implants after losing your boobies
    by losing weight, the most important thing is that you’re happy with your
    body and can enjoy your life without worrying too much about the way you
    look :)

  22. Narkissa18 says:

    Of course when we loose weight our fucking boobs disapear -.-

  23. Beefpie-Gurl says:

    I was happy because im sat here in a panic at the disco shirt and when his
    song came on i was like,
    Ah this is great ;’D

    I just wana get a little thinner damb

  24. G Morfin says:

    I’ve been eating healthier, running twice a wk, hiking once a wk for 2hrs &
    I do some cardio work out for 25min 5x a wk. In 2 months I only lost 15
    pounds. now I’m not losing any?! What am I doing wrong?! 

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