Amber Glover – Let It Go (Slimming World Style)

Someone posted in our slimming world facebook group the lyrics to frozen’s let it go which had been changed to fit slimming world. The lyrics have been made …

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25 Responses to Amber Glover – Let It Go (Slimming World Style)

  1. Gilbert Gross says:

    Nothing laughable here, just an incredibly beautiful voice. You could sing
    the phone book and sound great. 

  2. Lynne Adames says:

    Beautiful voice Amber…xfactor next year?? 

  3. Salma Za kaka says:

    Hahahahaa I love this 

  4. Christine Tydeman says:

    You have a great voice Amber – lovely to see such mischievousness in
    sharing the other lady’s lyrics – well done both of you!!

  5. lollydollycrafts says:

    Love it and wow lovely voice 

  6. BeingMrsBenjamin says:

    Fab lyrics! You should email this to SW HQ! They’ll love it! Might even
    invite you to the SW resturant!

  7. Natalie Collinson says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this! You did brilliantly – sharing on my Facebook page :)

  8. ChrisB says:

    Sounds like you had fun making this…….well done ;-)

  9. Marie Shiels says:

    Well done, I enjoyed that very much, the words were brillent, and your
    voice is . beautiful ever thought of going on X factor. X

  10. Tina Porter says:

    Amber lovely voice you have, i was amazed brilliant, cant believe the words
    fitted so well really enjoyed it well done.

  11. Cathie Clifford says:

    Fantastic, really enjoyed that. You did the words proud.

  12. June Collison says:

    Hi Amber, what a great song and your voice is amazing! I will try humming
    that in the day and maybe it will help me let it go!! .xx

  13. Angie Johnson says:

    well done, great words and you did really well with the voice to match them

  14. Colin Reason says:

    Fab I will try and sing that to myself every time I open the fridge
    door…. My singing might put me off my food unlike yours which was amazing

  15. Sue Finn says:

    Brilliant! Thanks for brightening up my evening, Amber. Lovely voice.

  16. Katrina Thompson says:

    Negative feedback? Are you mad?? Still grinning, that was brilliant and
    what a powerful voice you have! Well done :o)

  17. linda james says:

    Ambet my lovely your void3 is awesome ……. and the words seemed to fit
    in great…….well done my lovely xxooxx aaaaaa++++++ 

  18. ANG Mc says:

    Brilliant. Made me smile, fantastic voice xx

  19. Maureen Wilmot says:

    Amber you have a lovely voice and as a member of SW I recognise the
    content. Really enjoyed your performance.x

  20. corinne smith says:

    That was great all so true but only negative is I’m not losing need to stop
    getting in treats, ah 

  21. sarah roche says:

    This made me LOL well done u got a good voice and loved your facial
    expressions lol :D

  22. Melanie Taylor says:

    Fab voice hun .wish i could sing like that …brilliant lyrics too ..x

  23. Terri Eggleston says:

    That’s absolutely brilliant . So funny and clever . What a lovely voice you
    have too well done singing it . Love it

  24. Elaine Wells says:

    Wow, thats tells it. Well done you :-)

  25. Nat R says:

    That was flipping AMAZING! You have a fantastic voice!

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