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5 Best THIGH SLIMMING Exercises

To sculpt your thighs, do these 5 POP Pilates exercises! Also print this month’s workout calendar here: (FREE) to make sure you loss weight…
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25 Responses to 5 Best THIGH SLIMMING Exercises

  1. blogilates says:

    hey guys! any questions on the #aprilabs workout calendar??

  2. blogilates says:

    hey guys! i’m having an EXTRA 25% off clearance sale on! use code “gymbunny” at checkout! Hurry ends
    Monday. love you :)

  3. Giggles Much says:

    would wearing ankle weights be ok to help with more resistance or would it
    hurt instead of help?

  4. Karou Lynn says:

    My hips popped INTENSELY during the last two moves. I’m a contortionist,
    could that have something to do with it? 

  5. Lucinda Ross says:

    The last moves were easy but the first one??’ I couldn’t do it :( 

  6. 1617sysyl says:

    when i do the first exercise my pelvis bone which is on the ground hurts

  7. Eva Lin says:

    Hi , Cassey. I have few question about the work out. i’m trying to lose
    weight. i wonder should i do a least 30 min workout everyday . but i don’t
    have time . i only can do 15 min every day . its works ? 

  8. Clearxx Yaya says:

    Can u do this on a bed Cassey?

  9. xhierleen Belle says:

    Why are you fat? :(

  10. Nadia Shahmehr says:

    I had some problems doing the last one !!!! couldnt keep balance :(

  11. Dorien Zuidema says:

    My cat started attacking my food at the first move XD

  12. TheMintyCupcakes says:

    My hips keep cracking sooo much, why?

  13. Cassandra McLean says:

    you are so fricken adorable

  14. daniel the lion says:

    what’s the password for this month calender??

  15. NHering95 says:

    Day 16 of #SepTONEber done!

  16. Emma G says:

    Yay! Finished today’s workouts! Feeling so good – my butt and thighs are
    burning up. Hopefully, I regain feeling soon! 

  17. Laura Biscaro says:

    SepTONEember 16th here! after those first and second moves, I just had to
    stop for a few seconds. my legs were shaking so much omg O.O

  18. tomlinzombie says:

    this one wasn’t too tough!

  19. Mandy West says:

    i couldnt do half the moves because my hops always pop its so painful

  20. Erin Wasserman says:

    Oh my goodness! The last two moves made my hips crack and hurt so
    bad…should I not do them?? I still didnt stop but it hurt so bad!!

  21. Ann Le {Anneorshine} says:

    That wine glass though! Love the room decor, so bright! definitely added
    this to my workout list for this week :) 

  22. TheSunrayGirl says:

    I struggled with the last one 😀 The rest was ok, although the first one
    was really tough!

  23. iamvanessae says:

    My favorite moves in one video!

  24. ROXXY Blade says:

    I can’t do the last one.

  25. Sophie Morgan says:

    With the last two exercises my hips kept popping and it felt very
    uncomfortable, is there anything i can do to help with that? 

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