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Tips To Begin Your Diet Journey Today

Thanks for taking the time to read our Guide and I truly hope you have found it helpful and eye opening. I have no doubt if you throw your focus into the Feast and Famine Diet you will achieve your weight loss goals and much more.

That said when do you plan to start? If you just hesitated you may be experiencing the greatest foe of achieving the body of your dreams of them all – the evil called procrastination. Before I leave let me share with you some tips that can help you slay that beast and begin your own transformation story today!

Just Do It
The Feast and Famine Diet requires no special food, no supplements and no information, really, beyond this Guide to work and work well. So what are you waiting for? Start Feast and Famine right NOW. The only thing stopping you is your own inertia. Banish any thoughts of tomorrow or next week. Once again make a decision and start NOW.

Expose Your Excuses
Do you have reoccurring excuses why you can’t start intermittent fasting today? Say these excuses out loud so you can hear how ridiculously self defeating they are. If you are still in doubt write them down and burn them as you free yourself from limiting beliefs.

Look At Yourself Naked In The Mirror.
If you are fat the mirror and a lack of clothes won’t lie. Remind yourself your body won’t change into something more pleasing until you first make a decision to change it and then second move forward with action in support of that decision. That action is to wisely adopt the Feast and Famine Diet. If not you will likely look the same, if not worse, than you did in the mirror in the days, weeks, months and years to come. This may sound harsh, but a harsh truth is much better than a pleasant falsehood.

Quit Time Wasters.
Do you need so much social media, television or playing video games when your body isn’t where you desire it to be? Are you putting the easy and distracting before the vital and important? If so why? Break the trance, quit the time wasters and build the new you NOW!

Write Your Goals Down As Clearly And Detailed As Possible.
There’s a certain magic about the written word, especially when it comes to setting and achieving goals. This magic is even more pronounced when the written words are your own. Write down your goals big and small, read them and embrace Feast and Famine as a means to carry you in the direction you need to be headed. There isn’t a success coach or sports psychologist alive who would argue against that advice! You shouldn’t either.

Are you psyched about moving forward with Feast and Famine? I knew you would be. This could be a day you look back on decades from now and say “that’s where I committed to serious life enhancing change!” The things offered by this lifestyle are just that serious. I’d love to hear your success story so please stay strong and in touch!

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Shopping Guidelines

Now that we hopefully have agreed that the Feast and Famine Diet is more than do-able after looking at a sample Feast day and a sample Famine day I thought I’d share with you a few more intermittent fasting insider’s secrets. The fine art of shopping while following Feast and Famine. Although all of us develop our style of eating while on the diet which best suits our individual needs I’ve found having an experience veteran’s shopping list can provide some helpful guidelines. So are you ready to go shopping Feast and Famine style? Let’s do it!

Here’s what we are packing our shopping cart with…

Non-hormonal Chicken Breasts. I’m a bit of a chicken addict and don’t think I could live without it. I eat chicken at least once a day on Feast days, sometimes twice. I think of chicken as a sort of “neutral” protein that can be prepared in so many ways its wise to fall in love with. Make sure the fat is trimmed off!

Non-hormonal Grass Fed Lean Beef. Another Feast day favorite, especially when I’m hitting it more heavily in the gym. When you are looking to put on muscle while cutting fat on Feast and Famine aim for around 1 gram of protein for every pound you weigh.

Eggs. As you’ve seen eggs are on the meal agenda often for both Feast and Famine days. Don’t skip them, unless you are one of the few who can’t stomach the thought of them!

A variety of Pasta.

Organic Spinach

Organic Leaf Lettuce. I should add organic produce is not a must, but I try to stick with it when I can.



Miso soup. Miso soup is great for a change of pace on Famine days and has been shown in research to have all sorts of regenerative and health boosting qualities. Plus it tastes great too!

Green Tea. Essential. Green Tea is great for a extra fat burning boost, is inexpensive and calorie free.


Spring Water.

Whey Protein. I’ve tried to avoid any supplement recommendations as the Feast and Famine Diet works great without them, but a good protein shake is the one exception. Keep your protein levels high and you will have no worries at all about losing muscle while cutting body fat.

Stevia. A all natural and calorie free sweetener which will make you forget sugar ever even existed. A true gift from above.

Almonds. A go to snack.

Now a look at this list reveals that avoiding overly processed and junk food isn’t a bad idea and you can still really Feast without it. That way if you go a bit crazy at a friend’s or eating out occasionally your body won’t even notice it. Buying too many terrible food choices probably sends the wrong message to your subconscious and may set up many for binge eating and failure. Some intermittent fasting experts disagree, but this is what my own personal experience has revealed. After you move beyond the beginner stage feel free to experiment!

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Getting Yourself Ready To Begin

Any diet requires a bit of preparation at first, Feast and Famine is certainly not an exception. I will say it requires much less preparation by the nature of Feast and Famine than any other diet I can think of and you won’t have to jump many hurdles, do any real expensive shopping or experience any of the other more traditional diet head aches.

Here’s some tips to get yourself ready to get the most out our plan…

Read And Understand This Guide

It’s pretty short so why not even read it twice. I’ve done my best to keep it fluff free and all the information and tips will make your journey at intermittent fasting Feast and Famine style much, much easier. If you like to read check out some of the books in our history chapter and you may find some other ideas you’d like to incorporate after you’ve done straight Feast and Famine for a bit.

If Possible At First Food Shop More Often

Here’s a trick I used in the beginning days of my intermittent fasting experiments and I’ve suggested to many of my friends and clients who have given it high praise too. Only keep enough food on hand for the days needs. On Feasting days you will have the pleasure of picking out some new treat to indulge in and on Famine days you won’t be as tempted to cheat than you would be if the refrigerator is packed with snacks. Now if you live rurally, or have a large family this may be less practical, but if you can do it I guarantee it will give you a big advantage over those who ignore this tip.

If You Skip A Day Just Get Right Back On Schedule

This diet is about freedom and abundance not restriction. If you have a family event, a date or even a slight slip up on a Famine day just get right back in action the next day and reduce your calories. No master dietary equations are fouled or other nonsense. Now don’t make a habit of this or you may end up seeing less than optimal results, but once in a while is perfectly fine. This automatic leeway is built into the Feast and Famine program making it not a diet you can “fail” at if you stumble while getting into the groove, or any other time really!

Throw Out Your Past Diet Experiences

Feast and Famine requires a whole new view of dieting, so in all likelihood your past dieting experiences positive and especially negative don’t offer a whole lot of relevance. I’d suggest you file them away and don’t let them influence what you are doing here and now. This attitude, not only in dieting and fitness, but also in other areas of life can break chains and open up doors. See what you think.

Are you feeling more ready to begin? You should be because there’s a bright, fit and happy new you waiting at the end of the Feast and Famine road. And it’s a road not particularly long in most cases or even exceedingly difficult. You’ve taken the first step by reading this Guide, don’t turn back now!

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