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Video Rating: 4 / 5

Lissa Rankin, MD is an OB/GYN physician, author, keynote speaker, consultant to health care visionaries, professional artist, and founder of the women’s health and wellness community …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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51 Responses to 10 WORST “HEALTH” FOODS

  1. LosingDrea says:

    Love your videos, what you say and all you stand for. Your amazing and I
    know if I eat the foods you mention that I am most successful at losing
    weight and not starving. I mean not that its good but I don’t drink all the
    water I am supposed to and I don;t hardly exercise and eating just these
    foods and avoiding the ones you suggest be avoided I LOSE WEIGHT AND FEEL
    FANTASTIC! SO keep up the great work, I just shared your video on my
    Facebook and I hope the 500+ followers from the Weight-Loss Community here
    on Facebook watch and subscribe to you to. Many thanks and keep up the
    wonderful work you do, your amazing, and you look amazing!

  2. Tami TKDGal says:

    what are your feelings on coffee?

  3. Emi Plenos says:

    what about whole grain 100%? is that better than whole wheat? :(

  4. Ben David says:

    You and Scooby would make a great couple.

    Because you’re both broscientist-y as fuck. No respect.

  5. mrs kathleen gust says:

    Everything in moderation. It’s not rocket science. Keep an eye on your

  6. LilyGaby CriZ says:

    who drinks diet coke is a DUMBASS! it still SODA! the only different is the
    diet word right there

  7. Pop Kiiss says:

    OMG I can’t stop eating wheat ! It’s impossible

  8. humbecker says:

    soy does nothing to your hormones, if anything it blocks Estrogen receptors.
    come on read a study or something …
    it’s 2014 … 

  9. Hillary Abreu says:

    I eat the Quaker Oats oatmeal every morning and just read the ingredients
    and it has Sucralose in it…. 🙁 do you have any recommendations for any
    other healthy oatmeal?

  10. Juliana Sarria says:

    If whole wheat bread isnt healthy do you not eat bread? Or which do you
    recommend I love bread

  11. Ashley ASHLEYM says:

    Greek yogurt tastes very chemically though, it doesn’t taste healthy at all
    and also greek yogurt is not probiotic which in my opinion is the health
    reason for eating yogurt.
    I agree with you on a lot of the others.

  12. biscotti555 says:

    omfg I lost it when you said “well some people may argue ‘well jesus ate
    wheat.'” I literally almost died. I love it so much that just made my day.

  13. Lisa Sullivan says:

    Die coca-cola

  14. Robert Jajou says:

    very helpful and useful information. 

  15. JennJenn says:

    WINE is basically grapes that are fermented with yeast and turn their
    natural sugar into alcohol. Hence, the dryer the wine the less residual
    sugar it has. Most wines have 1-3 grams of residual sugar. Yes, once your
    body intakes it it will probably break it back into sugar but their are
    wines that have added sugar to them after fermentation. These are usually
    the sweeter wines that people like. For example, Stella Rossa, moscato and
    even champagne. If you choose to drink wine, as I will never stop, look for
    the dryer types of wine like Cabernet, Chardonnay and Merlot with natural
    sugar. They will be dryer but I would say ” healthier” as well. Also may I
    point out that the grapes skin is a natural antioxidant but it also
    contains small amount of sulfur. That is why wine is seen as a benefit for
    the human body. 

  16. remie95 says:

    Ugh I love Wheat Thins ):

  17. Haylee T says:

    I will not give up my orange juice

  18. SiicKxShoTz says:

    Well good thing I don’t buy processed orange juice… only squeezed, way
    not to mention that tidbit on the very first point you bring up.

  19. Kelsey Cate says:

    So, I can’t drink regular milk but I have been loving making latte’s, tea,
    and shakes with my soy milk. I have recently started doing this within the
    past 4-6 months(depending on the item lattes 6 months, tea 4 months). Do
    you think this is why I have gained weight is due to soy? I am not a fan of
    coconut or rice milk. I like almond milk, but prefer the texture of soy
    milk. Obviously the holidays, college started last August of 2013, and late
    night snacking also have an impact of my weight gain. Do you think if I cut
    out soy and go to almond it would benefit me? Please go more in-depth on a
    video about this!!

  20. Adelina xoxoxo says:

    So she’s saying you can’t eat wheat? You can’t have wheat bread apparently
    nor white, so are we just supposed to give it up all together? Ps this is
    not a hate comment and I’m not trying to be rude or disrespectful in any
    way, I’m just sharing my thoughts. 

  21. Ralph Coleman says:

    Informative video

  22. RiceOfTheThirdWorld says:

    what a perfect body

  23. Silverlupa01 says:

    I hate soda or coke so I am good there but crackers are my weakness 🙁 

  24. Nicole Dolce says:

    I’m a diabetic so my doc says to eat sugar free candy lol i told her my
    pancreas may be dead (type one ) but my taste buds aren’t… Sugar free is
    ok but I Perf regular candy and sugar free doesn’t give me diarrhea never
    had it from sugar free before 

  25. Stacy Smith says:

    Not much idea about good food or bad food but i believe that you need to
    keep exercising if you want to be in shape eating matters but not much if
    you are exercising daily.

  26. Νημερτής Δωρίδας says:

    Σοκαριστικές αλήθειες από μία γιατρό.

    Ok darlings…. let’s jump together

  27. Tara Love says:

    Im sorry but her grin is SO annoying. Even her body movements.. ahhh. cant
    watch. bye

  28. OneCupOfCoffee204 says:

    I just a nobody but after watching this I thought she is stating the
    obvious and not really that good. She may have things figured out for
    herself, and good for her. But the major flaw in her story is that some
    folks will never know or experience half the list of remedies that she
    proposed. She raised more questions than she answered for me. Something
    very deep in the foundation of how we live would have to change drastically
    in order for her plan to work. 

  29. iluvbrody123 says:

    Thank you for the link Kerry, my wonderful friend!

  30. gastronommy says:

    She looks and sounds like a Disney character!

  31. La Ingrata says:

    The shocking truth about your health: Lissa Ranki…:
    http://youtu.be/7tu9nJmr4Xs #healthylife #health #salud 

  32. Tracy Lunos says:

    Finialy…someone else who believes in BALANCE…

  33. Dan Lewis says:

    I’m going to apologize for JFY DRAFTING, below.
    She/he/it is still wrapped up in stuff; still jealous of others.
    Little JFY hasn’t figured it out yet.
    Little JFY lives in California, where materialism is at its most insane
    JFY is still a mental slave to ‘stuff’; has a very tiny heart and may well
    wind up much like the lady speaker was at her worst point.
    Some of us hope so.

    The speaker’s shitty spiritual stuff needs to be flushed.

    Religion comforts…and cripples. History is quite clear on this.

  34. Justgivemethetruth says:

    And who can afford to pay for integrative medicine and 1 hour of a doctor’s
    time? Big celebrities in Southern Ca?

  35. David Hartsough says:

    Just get high to be happy. The body will know what to do on autopilot.

  36. iamtheone whoiamlight says:

    I think she has good points about how lifestyle and stress etc can affect
    your overall health…. But it’s hard to take her seriously with all the

  37. thrdel says:

    Finally a medical practitioner who has the guts to say openly that there is
    a cause to every symptom. Are all the others too dumb to know it or just
    playing along with the big pharma for their financial benefit ? How did we
    get to this point where everyone in only interested in the treatment of the
    symptom and ignore the elephant in the room, the cause ? 

  38. veganadoration says:

    Yes, she is one of those self-responsibility gurus who in unable to comment
    on public health, and economic and social policy. She is a product of the
    culture in which she grew up: the culture of individualism and
    self-determination. It is true that in countries where economic and social
    policy favour certain groups over others, those other groups are left in
    perpetually disadvantaged circumstances, so her advice is not applicable
    across the board. The relevance of her advice really does apply to those
    with economic privilege, but does that mean she is unsuitable for a TED
    talk? I think before we condemn anyone as many commentators seem to want
    to do here, we should put things into perspective.

  39. Justgivemethetruth says:

    Think of a man giving this same talk?

  40. Vibs says:

    Point of view Beautifully expressed and presented. 

  41. Sid Johnson says:

    What is the root cause of our health issues? I challenge you to watch this
    and reflect on it for a while and physically write out your list. 

  42. David Slachta says:

    Yea, what she says is true and also pretty obvious. But we can’t just
    abandon the civilization and our jobs and go live in the woodshed and eat
    only raw vegetables and fruits somewhere on the beach in Filipines. We have
    to work to have money, to be able to feed the family and raise kids. So we
    ignore the body a bit, go to the doctor to treat the pains caused by the
    work and unhealthy lifestyle and do the excercises in the gym to help it
    just a little bit. When I have a boat and vacation house and a fat
    retirement account like Mrs. Lissa Rankin has I will also quit my job and
    go look for spiritual enlightenment.

  43. IW Nunn says:

    I hope Lissa does not read some of these hurtful, meaningless, uncaring,
    judgmental comments. If she does, I hope she’s unaffected by them. Stop
    the personal attacks and appreciate the message.

  44. Energy Centre, Alternative Medicine School says:

    Lissa Rankin, MD teaches both patients and health care professionals how to
    make the body ripe for miracles by healing the mind and being healthy in
    all aspects of life, not just by promoting healthy behaviors like good
    nutrition, exercise, and adequate sleep, but by encouraging health and
    authenticity in relationships, work, creative expression, spirituality,
    sexuality, finances, and living environment.

    Watch her video on The Shocking Truth About Your Health at TEDx!

    The shocking truth about your health: Lissa Rankin at TEDxFiDiWomen

  45. guloguloguy says:


  46. parmjit sarkaria says:
  47. mariahchelsey123 says:

    Well I thought that this was going to be different. I already know all of
    that. I am not the only one who thinks that if they could express
    themselves creatively without worrying about money I would be happier. It
    is easier said than done. For now I am just going to meditated and try to
    reduce my stress.

  48. Felicitas Lohmanns says:

    wunderbar erzählt….

  49. Jeremiah Kellogg says:

    Here’s a TED talk that shows what the most important things to living a
    healthy life are.

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